My Black Hole Theory
A Basic Theory of Everything

By Eddie Xian

Questions & Answers regarding My Black Hole Theory
A Basic Theory of Everything

Do White Holes exist?

No, Not exactly. I believe the question needs to be rephrased to... Has a White Hole ever existed? To that, my answer would be...Yes. The Big Bang was THE White Hole.

Are White Holes plausible?

Yes, I believe A White Hole is/was plausible.

Will we ever see a White Hole?


So what is a White Hole?

The Big Bang was the only White Hole to ever exist. All Black Holes converge into one White Hole - The Big Bang. The Big Bang was the result of everything ever consumed and everything yet to be consumed by Black Holes throughout the full extent of time.

What is a Black Hole?

A Black Hole would probably be better described as a Plug Hole. A Plug Hole to the Big Bang.

How would Black Holes consume the universe?

Black Holes are present in every galaxy, eventually consuming their home galaxy and subsequently any combining galaxies. Stars that don't form black holes will run their course, remaining elements will one day be present in a star that will be big enough to go super nova and turn into a black hole, or of course be consumed by an existing black hole in the meantime. Eventually the containing elements of our sun, will one day form inside a star that will be big enough to turn into a black hole.

How the universal expansion of black holes could be invisioned - in three stages

Given the previous image, what stage would we be at now?

We probably haven't even reached the first stage yet.

How would you reconcile String Theory and Multi-Verses with this theory?

It could be that after each reset, ever so slight changes could cause the slightest change, or even astronomical changes another time around. As another cycle occurs, it occupies the same spacetime as previous cycles and subsequent cycles. As the cycle repeats an infinite amount of times, the diffences between each aligned (like an adjoining string) cycle are pretty much identical to previous cycles and subsequent cycles, closest to that cycle - in a sense. This could be imagined by infinite strings running side-by-side, each being their own universe.

What could be the cause of these changes?

When each cycle occurs, it may be that not all of the matter is present as it was for another cycle. This may be due to odd rogue particle/s, that has somehow escaped the pull of any black hole, therefore escaping the cycle. It could also be due to the completely random position matter is, relative to other matter at the trillionths of a second after the moment of the big bang. Therefore causing monumental changes eons down the line. Of course an infinite amount of cycles would account for an infinite amount of universes/dimensions, some extremely similar even billions of years later, only forking away from eachother when you or I accidently step on a butterfly - seemingly so, like the creation of a new string/dimension. Of course, for this to be true, there would of course be an infinite number of universes/dimensions that are completely unrecognisable to anything we know and assume to be normal.