My Black Hole Theory
A Basic Theory of Everything

By Eddie Xian

Why a Black Hole would be better described as a Plug Hole
A Plug Hole to the big bang

As you reach the event horizon of a Black Hole, time begins to slow down until it stops altogether. Once you pass through the event horizon, not only does everything break down to its simplest form, time reverses. As everything is sent to one place, one time - the singularity we know as the Big Bang - The Only White Hole that has ever existed... and ever will!

Throughout the full breadth of time, from the moment the first Black Hole appeared, until the moment the last Black Hole consumes the last dregs of matter left in the universe. Everything is transported in its rawest form to the beginning of time.

At the moment of the Big Bang, everything appears, everything that ever was, that is, appears.

Everything appears in the same place and at the same time. The natural effect of this is the cataclysmic event we call the Big Bang. This extreme impact propelled all the matter in all directions at an incredible speed, in an inconceivably short time.

A crude diagram of how the universal cycle of black holes could be invisioned

The process then repeats itself and starts again, only it's probably incorrect to say again, as in truth, at that moment in time, it hadn't happened yet!

Each cycle is like a universal string, a string that inevitably runs its course and exists in the same spacetime that is occupied by previous and subsequent cycles - more definely known as multi-verses.